ReadyFit® – Floors cut to size

ReadyFit® is a unique new service offered by Pergo. Laminate and vinyl floors are cut to size, based on the designer’s plan, and delivered ready for installation. ReadyFit eliminates the need for cutting planks during installation, leaving the site free from noise and dust. It will not only save you valuable time – the result is a perfect, high-quality finish that you expect from Pergo.

A new way to install flooring

With ReadyFit installation will be faster and more cost-efficient. There is no need to measure and cut planks at the installation site, and you are free from dust and noise. Just follow the easy steps of the installation plan and click the floor into place!

With every part being numbered and with clear, easy-to-follow directions nothing can go wrong. All the accessories you need are included in the delivery, so preparation is kept to a minimum.

ReadyFit also means a perfect fit. All planks are cut by machine, producing a high-quality finish. You don’t have to worry about cutting mistakes, or ordering excess material to compensate for adjustments.


Install two times faster.

pergo readyfit speed

Finish your projects faster & solve your shortage of labour


Work in any environment: installation is completely dust and noise free

It's easy as 1-2-3!

Pergo Readyfit Scanner


In order to get your design into real life, just send us your digital design file (AutoCAD or Revit) including all details and measurements.

Pergo Readyfit Plan


Based on this digital information all planks of your laminate or vinyl floor are cut to size. Every detail in the floor is included, such as radiator tubes, corners, curved walls and accessories. Each plank is then labelled with a number corresponding to the numbers on the installation plan.

Pergo Readyfit Click


We deliver the new floor, with all planks pre-cut to size, along with all necessary accessories to the installation location. On the installation plan you can see where every part fits, and the order in which to install them. Instead of spending time on measuring, cutting and fitting floor planks, your installation is done in no time and completely hassle-free!

pergo modular building floors

Constructing efficiency

ReadyFit offers great savings in the construction of modular buildings where time is of the essence. Based on an architectural plan, the prepared floor and all accessories are delivered directly to where the modular unit is being built. Having the floor prepared to exact specifications not only makes installation faster. It also ensures a high-quality finish.

pergo pro retail

Good business for retail

For retail chains and showrooms the ReadyFit service is used to create a uniform look on all locations with the same design and finishing quality. ReadyFit is also ideal for renovations. Once a site is measured, the only thing you need to do is choose a new floor design. We willl take care of the rest, and deliver the prepared floor with an installation map and all accessories, to the shops or showrooms.

pergo hotel flooring

Please don't disturb

Renovating hotel rooms often means losing revenue. But ReadyFit can reduce renovation downtime to a minimum. Once the measurements for a room are known, replacing it is easy. Just pick a new design, and the floor along with all accessories will be delivered along with an installation plan. Installation is free from dust and noise and won’t bother other guests. If done during the day, the room can even be rented out the very same night!