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The store lay-out and signage, the pace and mood and the path to purchase are all equally important to ensure an on-going conversation and lasting relation with your customer. Flooring has an distinct role in that.

What to expect from this paper?

We created this whitepaper for retailers and retail professionals who want to learn more on how to get the most out of their store interior.

  • Care for the environment -  How can you get shoppers to come into your shop and not go somewhere else?
  • What price experience? - Experience is the bold new frontier in retail, but how many stores can claim to offer it?
  • A matter of influence -  So you’ve got the shopper into your store, but how are you going to influence what happens next?
  • Finding the righ path - How can shoppers be guided around a store? There are a variety of ways to effect this.
  • On renewing a store interior - All retail interiors are time limited and when they reach the end of their natural life it’s time to renew. But what should be done to ensure future longevity?

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