Customise your commercial laminate flooring

Our extensive customisation possibilities give you the freedom to design your own commercial laminate flooring. Change decor, format, structure and/or gloss level. Add or remove bevels. Use your imagination! Contact us early on in your project to help you find your unique Pergo flooring solution.

laminate customisation

The Volkwagen showroom above is a perfect example of customised flooring. The colour of the floor was made to perfectly match the furniture and bevels were added to emphasise the experience.

If you have a specific idea, we can help you develop it. For inspiration, take a look at some of our customisation projects.

Pergo customised laminate

Match the floor to your furniture to create more cohesive spaces

At Maisons du Monde, a European retailer of stylish homeware items, the floor is custom coloured and perfectly coordinated with their selection of objects and furniture from around the world. With our customisation possibilities, you can design a floor that perfectly matches your interior and creates a seamless visual experience.

Pergo customised laminate at Stabaek

Match the floor to your company's brand image

When the Norwegian football club Stabaek chose their new office floor, they opted for a laminate floor designed to look as a grass field in their home colour. Would you also like to match your floor to your brand to create an exclusive look? Contact us early on in the planning process for best opportunities.

Seat customised showroom floors

Use our full customisation option to create unique designs

When Seat asked us to help them design a new floor for their show room, we created an exclusive look of a chequered racing flag. Stylish and bold, yet durable enough to put a 1500 kg car on it. Remember that customisation is not only about colours, but also defining unique formats or changing technical features for a truly unique look and performance.