Click or glue down?

When choosing between click or glue down, the shape of the subfloor is usually the deciding factor. Clicking down the floor for a floating installation allows for more unevenness in the underfloor compared to glued down. A floating floor is normally also easier to repair if a section of the floor becomes damaged. However, a glued floor will have a more solid feel when walking on it.

Click down system: choose our Premium floors!

Premium floors

  • For residential and light commercial use
  • Floating installation – no need for glue
  • 30% faster installation – PerfectFold 3.0
  • Advanced transit sound acoustics if Pergo underfloor is used

Please note the following:

  • Expansion gaps needed (6 mm), max 13 m in one row
  • Direct sunlight must be avoided at all times
  • Traditional cleaning (no machine)

Optimum floors

Glue down system: choose our Optimum floors!

  • For medium commercial use
  • Large surfaces can be installed without expansion gaps
  • Good impact sound acoustics
  • Can withstand temporarily temperature rises if Pergo vinyl glue is used
  • Cleaning machine can be used

Please note the following:

  • Levelling of subfloor is always recommended.