Skaters and BMX riders test Pergo LVT

22 February 2016

In this thrilling video, a number of skaters and BMX riders test the wear, scratch and stain resistance of Pergo commercial vinyl flooring (LVT) on a specially designed half-pipe near Ghent in Belgium. Afterwards, the floor was thoroughly checked for any damage or scratches. When it comes to durability, Pergo LVT is best in class thanks to the Titan V™ top layer technology.

On 14 December 2015, Pergo installers created a special half-pipe, covered with glue-down Pergo optimum LVT, near the E17 motorway in Ghent. Skaters and BMX riders were invited to perform tricks and showcase their skills on the vinyl-floored half pipe. Their endeavours and the effects on the vinyl floor were documented in the ‘Revinylution’ video.

With modern production technologies and a clear focus on design, we have succeeded in raising vinyl flooring to the next level

Protective top layer

With this test and video, Pergo aims to draw attention to the remarkable wear, scratch and stain resistance of its commercial LVT floors. “Not that long ago, people tended to associate a vinyl floor with a plastic look and susceptibility to wear and tear”, explains Marie Callens, Lead Product Manager at Pergo. “With modern production technologies and a clear focus on design, we have succeeded in raising vinyl flooring to the next level.” One of the biggest advantages offered by Pergo’s LVT line is the unique Titan V™ top layer. Callens: “This protective top layer seals the surface and improves the floor’s resistance against staining and soiling, as well as scratches and wear.” The effectiveness of the top layer becomes clear when the vinyl floor on the half-pipe was examined after the test. “Unfortunately for the riders, however, the coating is only designed to protect the floor”, Callens goes on to say.

Textures and tricks

A daunting task that the coating performed remarkably well: the floor has lost none of its natural flair and realism. As a manufacturer, Pergo differentiates itself through its focus on performance and a constant striving for authenticity. This is achieved through high-definition patterns, an exceptional matt finish, and attention to texture to give the surface not only its authentic look, but a natural feeling as well.

“Like the skaters and riders in the video, Pergo vinyl has a couple of tricks up its sleeve”, adds Callens. The unique formula of its coating is based on the `Five S’ Principle:

  • Stains: if you draw a line using a felt-tip permanent marker on a conventional vinyl floor and leave it for five minutes, it will be extremely difficult to remove, even with an acetone-based cleaning agent. Pergo LVT has a sealed surface that keeps the stain from penetrating through the floor and makes it very easy to clean off. Even the most aggressive cleaning agents, like aceton, can be used without damaging the top layer.

  • Shine: an innovative finish gives Pergo LVT a consistent, matt and natural-looking shine, across various production batches. This stands in stark contrast with many of the other vinyl floors on the market that are unable to cast off their ‘plastic’ look and plagued with inconsistencies in shine between different batches.

  • Scuff marks: rubber soles or chair and table legs can leave nasty black marks on a floor. These marks are particularly difficult to remove and can even damage your top layer. Thanks to Pergo LVT’s sealed top layer even the most persistent marks won’t stand a chance.

  • Scratch-resistance: tiny `micro-scratches’ can quickly make vinyl floors lose their lustre. Pergo LVT’s strong, durable top layer is an ideal alternative in areas subject to intensive use and retains its original extra matt appearance.

  • Scent: there almost comes no emission with a Pergo LVT. Virgin primary raw materials are used and the perfectly sealed surface keeps the emission of volatile organic substances to an absolute minimum, resulting in a scent-free product.

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