Finding the right path - How can shoppers be guided around a store?

07 September 2015

For shoppers, finding you way around a store can be difficult and confusing, but what can be done to overcome this? Take a look at what discount fashion retailer Primark has been doing in its stores in Germany and Belgium and one answer is digital signage.

It is a broadly acknowledged fact that moving images on screens and illuminated light-boxes tend to attract greater amounts of attention than good old-fashioned cardboard signage, although clearly the latter is cheaper and can be changed quickly when required. In Primark’s stores in Brussels, Düsseldorf and Berlin, high profile digital signage that takes the form of anything from screens that wrap around mid-shop pillars, to static but eyebrow-raising light-boxes next to the escalator on each floor, have been the order of the day. In some parts of the stores, signage of this kind involves words, in others it can just be an image, used to demarcate a particular merchandise area.

Flooring helps to tell the story and curate the space that speaks about the brand. Retailers can use flooring to stage key categories.

Joe Bona,president of the retail division at design agency CBX

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Lay-out and signage, pace, mood and the path to purchase are all equally important to ensure an on-going conversation with your customer.

This paper highlights some of the most important aspects to consider when creating your retail environment.

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