Go Sport: when speed is of the essence

17 November 2014

At Pergo we take pride in having one of the fastest installing floors in the market. Maybe even the fastest. But sometimes even our very own technical department is taken by surprise.

High traffic, wear resistant, easy maintenance

That is exactly what happened at Go Sport in Heist-Op-Den-Berg, Belgium.

It was an unconventional sale from the start. Go Sport set off wanting a polished, concrete floor. The floor needed to cope with lots of traffic. It had to be wear resistant, easy to maintain and, unsurprisingly, look like concrete.

But a floor like that takes a lot of time to install and dry, and the official store opening was getting closer at a rapid pace.

A choice is made

Enter Concrete Medium Gray, a class 34 Pergo laminate floor that matches all of these criteria and more.

This big slab laminate tile looks like a real concrete floor, but without the disadvantages. It’s easy to install and a lot more comfortable than concrete. On top of that laminate creates a much warmer store atmosphere than the cold, hardness of a concrete floor.

Install it in our class 34 quality level - the best in its league - and you’ve got yourself a heavy- duty commercial flooring solution capable of withstanding all the clients you can handle. No, that’s not just a marketing claim. The proof? We agreed on a 10 year warranty with Go Sport on all wear and tear.

Needless to say Go Sport Store Manager Peter Schroyen was instantly intrigued.

And that was before installation.

Time to install

We knew from experience that the installers at group F&S guarantee a top-notch result. But because of the sheer size of the project - a daunting 703 m² of showroom - our technical team decided to plan a site visit anyway during the second day of installation. If there would be any issues, they would know first-hand and be in a good position to resolve them quickly.

Little did they know that the team of installers had already departed by the time they arrived. F&S finished the job in barely a day and a half instead of two. That’s a whopping 58 m² an hour!

“The installation of the new floor went lightning quick. This meant we could proceed with arranging the store earlier than planned. It took away a lot of stress for us.”

Peter Schrooyen, Go Sport Store Manager

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