Trend: green living

25 June 2015

Every six months Oke Nollet head of the Pergo design team gathers all her impressions and influences from design fairs, Pinterest activity and everyday life into an extensive trend report. One of those trends is very clear:  being close to nature.

Imperfections, authenticity in colors, textures and forms of nature are still inspiring designers. Well sought out materials and products are bringing a sense of “being close to nature” and robustness.

Based on everything natural, Nature is one of the main sources of inspiration in interior design.

The combination of materials and organic tones leads to fresh and relaxing atmospheres that stimulate our senses while at the same time spreading energy and a feeling of well-being. We are surrounded by Mother Nature. The exuberance and richness of the plant world is transmitted to the decorative surfaces, endowing them with great personality. The natural elements and motifs inspired by plants, rock formations and landscapes bring Nature into indoor spaces.

Through the use of these resources, this selection of motifs, colour schemes and textures, the world of interior decorating draws on new sources of inspiration, enabling the recreation of relaxed, harmonious environments in tune with the space that surrounds us.

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