Pomme D'Or: Wood as a basis for classical atmosphere

13 July 2015

The owner of La Pomme d'Or in Oudenaarde wanted the hotel to be thoroughly renovated, respecting the tranquil, classical atmosphere. MD Interior brought the hotel to the standards of modern regulations and requirements and gave the building a contemporary and warm appearance. Pergo's project floors look just like wood and literally form the basis.

Willy Naessens wanted to give the building a new, fresh appearance. That formed the basis for our selection of materials and partners.

La Pomme d'Or is an old Flemish café dating back to the fifteenth century, situated in the centre of Oudenaarde. During the past few decades, the building that served as a hotel, had various owners before Willy Naessens bought it. Over the years, minor work was carried out on the hotel, but Naessens felt it was time for some major renovations. "He wanted to give the building a fresh new look, and the bedrooms and bathrooms in particular needed revamping", says architect Delphine Maes of MD Interior. "We also included the communal areas and the entire hotel now complies with current fire regulations and statutory requirements."

Modern classical

During the renovations, the structure of the building was replaced, where necessary. All bathrooms have been fully revamped and were fitted with modern materials; the bathroom floors were finished with glued vinyl tiles. Among other things, the rooms were fitted with new heating and ventilation systems. New flooring (parquet and carpets) was laid throughout the hotel. "The style of the rooms and bathrooms had to correspond with that of the building", Maes explains. "That's why we looked for a solution that is in line with the style of the building, but still has a modern look." The architects measured the entire building, making it possible to work out design proposals in 3D simulations. MD Interior made suggestions for various style accents, so it was easier for the client to select his preferred look and feel. "That formed the basis for our selection of materials and partners."

Naessens had good experiences with Unilin, so we viewed the entire range in the showroom.

That is how we came to choose a flowery wallpaper instead of sleek paintwork or plain wallpaper, to use of wooden panelling and floors that give the impression of wood. "Some rooms had carpets, other had parquet flooring", Maes explains. "With a view to the classical and warm appearance, we suggested using parque everywhere. Naessens had good experiences with Unilin, so we viewed the entire range in the showroom. We thought Pergo was perfect for this project." The choice fell on Mansion Eiken, a classic oak laminate floor with grooved boards. The floor has a tangible, rustic structure - 'cracks' included - that is accentuated by a silky matt finish. Pergo vinyl with a slate pattern was used in the bathrooms. The laminate flooring is sprung, combined with a sound-absorbing sub-floor. The entire renovation was realised in a short period of time. "The dates were extremely tight. Arrangements were good and the entire process was very well-coordinated", says Maes. The hotel was closed for only three months."

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