Trend: Imperfection & perfection go hand in hand

25 June 2015

Every six months Oke Nollet head of the Pergo design department gathers all her impressions and influences from design fairs, Pinterest activity and everyday life into an extensive trend report. One of those trends is very clear: imperfection and perfection go hand in hand.

We see the trend for years now, people are looking for the story behind.

People are craving authenticity. From the lumpy and bumpy vegetables picked from a community garden to the use of real people in fashion spreads, it’s apparent that imperfect is one of the new perfects.

Flawed is now one of the new perfects. Imperfect things may come in place of perfectly polished or in combination with perfect accessories.

This does not mean the end of perfection as a trend. The clean, structure or polished look is still present but people are more and more looking to combine imperfection and perfection, looking for a balance between authenticity and contemporary.

Cracked floors combined with perfect furniture, perfect floors and aged walls, the combinations of imperfect and perfect are limitless.

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