New LVT factory: Meet R&D director Laurent Meersseman

12 February 2015

This Spring, Pergo sets a new benchmark for vinyl flooring, making great strides in both style and functionality. Curious to find out more? Then look no further! R&D director Laurent Meersseman, 12 years at Unilin, is eager to show you how we’ve put our heart and soul in the development of a brand-new generation of Pergo luxury vinyl floors.

Discover the story behind their natural touch and feel, idiosyncratic textures and stunning yet practical designs.

Who is Laurent Meersseman?

Laurent’s passion? That would be creativity, without a doubt! His quirky house bears witness to that: “Our home fits our family like a glove, but that has probably made it unsellable!”

A day without creating something is a day wasted.


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