A matter of influence - You’ve got the shopper into your store, but what happens next?

07 September 2015

It’s the morning and everything is bright and shiny. You’re in a good mood and ready for new things. This is the time when a store should mirror your frame of mind, presenting its most positive face to the world. By lunchtime, things may have slowed down a little and you’ll be ready for something a little more relaxed and by the time the evening comes along you’ll be positively relaxed.

This simple statement of the changing attitudes that many of us feel during the course of a day can and probably should be reflected by retailers if they want to maximise the chances of making a sale.

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Lay-out and signage, pace, mood and the path to purchase are all equally important to ensure an on-going conversation with your customer.

This paper highlights some of the most important aspects to consider when creating your retail environment.

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