Pergo wood floors offer superior wear, stain and gloss resistance

18 January 2016

Pergo is proud to announce the results of a comparative lab test featuring our wood flooring.

Focusing on three criteria — wear, stain and gloss resistance — the tests clearly showed that Pergo commercial wood floors offer excellent durability.

“Along with innovation and design, quality is and will always be one of our company’s key values”, explains Carl Plyson, General Manager Wood at Pergo. “These test results prove that our efforts truly make a difference.” The test itself was centred around three criteria: wear, stain, and gloss resistance. In every test phase, a sample of engineered Pergo hardwood floor was directly compared with samples with other wood floors.

Along with innovation and design, quality is and will always be one of our company’s key values

Excellent wear

To test the resistance of lacquered floors to everyday wear and tear, a castor chair with hard wheels, carrying 90 kilograms, was rolled in circles over the floor samples 25,000 times. Afterwards, the samples were compared. The Pergo floors showed no signs of damage on profiles or surface, while other lacquered floors had visible scratches, little black dots and openings in the profiles.

Stain resistance

The second durability test focused on stain resistance. First, coffee was put on a sample of a Pergo oiled wood floor and on another oiled wood floor. About 16 hours later, the samples were rinsed with water and given a rating between 5 and 1, ranging from ‘no change’ to ‘total destruction of the top coat’. The same was done for lacquered floors, using acetone. In both cases, Pergo wood floors came out as the least damaged.

High gloss resistance

When subjected to daily wear, matt lacquered floors have a tendency to become shinier, while the opposite is true for lacquered floors that are glossy from the start. A floor’s gloss resistance level indicates to what extent it can retain its original finish. To test this, two flooring samples were subject to the linear abraser test, in which a sponge moves side to side 200 times under a weight of 600 grams. When compared afterwards, the Pergo floor showed virtually no change in its original finish.

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