The long game - care for the environment in hotel flooring

29 March 2016

Increasingly purchasing decisions are being driven by the environmental promises of suppliers. We take a look at Pergo’s long-term view.

Environmental issues press more heavily on us all as the realisation of the fragility of our planet begins to dawn on us. Who these days doesn’t look at the provenance and number of artificial additives in their food or the overall ecological promises of a brand. Hotel guests are equally insistent. What are the corporate and socially responsibility ambitions of the hotel operator?

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The travel managers of large corporates do not allow bookings at hotels that do not meet their own minimum standards for recycling and waste management, re-use, local sourcing, the environmental-suitability of cleaning products and similar criteria. These factors are used to judge whether or not your hotel makes it on the preferred supplier list of companies who need thousands of room nights every year. At a more personal level, checks on the availability of hypoallergenic pillows and whether or not the hotel has got carpets, laminate, vinyl or wood hotel floors are becoming more commonplace from health conscious guests.

And surely the most environmentally sound products are those that last forever. Stone is a good example. Take a marble bath surround that never has to be replaced then. Putting aside the environmental costs of procurement and installation, it is truly sustainable. Similarly Pergo’s commitment to quality means that they can offer lifetime warranties on most of their products. Not only does this express supreme confidence it also shows a commitment to a sustainable future.

Another commitment by Pergo is to only use wood sourced from sustainable forests having either the FSC or PEFC certification. Every tree used is replaced and therefore CO2 emissions are naturally stored in the wood flooring. How neat is that!

Chief Sustainability Officer, Tino Mulle

How does Pergo view sustainability?

Unusually for our industry we have a whole department dedicated to covering all aspects of sustainability. This means that we can make significant commitments such as an almost energy-neutral production cycle for our lamination process. Nearly all the heat needed comes from the burning of the waste products of the process itself.

Other industries such as technology have built-in obsolescence that drives future sales? Why does Pergo manufacture products that last so long?

Obsolescence is not our strategy. We offer excellence in durability because we believe that the long life of our products is the best solution for all of our futures. We would rather grow our business by having our customers as our best advertisers.

How important are the various certifications regarding sustainability?

These are important but becoming confusing in the market place as there are so many – LEED, FSC, Nordic Swan, PEFC, etc. We are going to have to start manufacturing longer floorboards just to put all the different logos on! Currently we are working on an initiative to actively develop a single, new label that will allow consumers to better understand sustainability.

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