How Pergo laminate helped shape the Volkswagen showrooms at Bilcentrumgruppen

20 October 2015

From its operating base in the southern Swedish town of Kristianstad, Bilcentrumgruppen set out to sell Volkswagen vehicles back in 1959 in Kristianstad and Hässleholm. Since then, the car dealership group has opened acquired dealership showrooms in the nearby town of Sölvesborg. Bilcentrumgruppen’s offering covers the whole Volkswagen AG package, including brands such as Volkswagen Transport, Skoda, Audi and SEAT.

High time for both a refurbishment and the construction of several brand-new showrooms. Pergo’s public Extreme commercial laminate flooring was up for the daunting task.

The numbers tell the story

Looking at the numbers, it quickly becomes clear that Bilcentrumgruppen embarked on a renovation project of gargantuan proportions:

  • To begin with, the showrooms more than doubled in size, from 2,000 to 5,200 square metres.
  • While the existing 1,600-square-metre Volkswagen hall was completely renovated, the latest Skoda shop-in-shop concept was introduced in a 400-square-metre showroom and a brand-new area was created to feature both SEAT and second-hand cars.
  • To top it all off: the product highlight area, the sales and service areas, and the customer lounge were revamped in a contemporary and above all consistent style.

Talk about a commercial flooring challenge!

Custom design in every corner

For the major part of the highlight areas, the customer lounge as well as the sales and services offices, Bilcentrumgruppen decided on Pergo’s public Extreme laminate flooring. A team of Pergo’s professional installers carefully laid metre after metre of Cherry Havana planks. These feature a custom-made design, developed especially to match the furnishings and interior details in every Volkswagen showroom across the globe.

No compromise on quality, though. These Pergo floors can be used in a class 34 environment for very intensive commercial use — making them the most durable laminate floor out there. Perfect for a demanding retail environment such as the Volkswagen showrooms. After all, these floors need to handle the comings and goings of not only hundreds of people, but also the load of dozens of cars and other vehicles.

Countless choices

Another room, another custom design: this seems to sum up Pergo’s offer to Bilcentrumgruppen. Sumava Elm laminate flooring — another Pergo public Extreme creation — was used for the Skoda shop-in-shop areas. It sets a high bar on wear and tear-resistance and helps the car dealership group do exactly the same when it comes to offering a unique, unforgettable customer experience.

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