What price a good night's sleep? Air quality in your hotel

29 March 2016

How did you sleep? This is the question that should be on the lips of every hotelier as sleep is clearly the main thing that hotels provide. 

Whatever the guests respond to that question they probably don’t realise that they have potentially just put themselves at risk. Unnoticed and all around us, particularly in a closed room, are toxic chemicals that go undetected on their way to slowly poisoning our bodies and minds.

Hoteliers who are promoting ideals of health and wellbeing try to eliminate VOC’s.

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These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are exactly that – organic chemicals that “evaporate” or sublimate from their solid state to infect the air. They may be important in the way plants communicate but ‘hidden’ in glues, sealants and many vinyl products are VOCs that can harm not only your health but also our environment. These toxins remain in the atmosphere long after any smell can be detected and have compounded long-term health effects even if research is difficult due to low concentrations and the slow development of symptoms.

Remember the smell when you last opened the wrapper of a new shower curtain? Or at a different scale, how about the smell of new car? Of course you do. Hire car or fresh off the forecourt there was a smell of ‘plastic’ that spoke of cleanliness, an unused-ness. It spoke of luxury, of adventure and the anticipation of a new experience. Well for cars anyway that smell is on the way out as car manufactures try to eliminate the cause of the smell, the VOCs. Hoteliers who are promoting ideals of health and wellbeing are doing the same. Their guests demand it.

As you can imagine these harmful substances are regulated by law. And in a commitment to a better world all of Pergo’s commercial vinyl flooring options are guaranteed 100% phthalate-free. On top of this thanks to the perfectly sealed surface of Pergo’s vinyl, only an absolute minimum of VOCs are released: one-hundred times less than laid down in European regulations.

In further committing to this guarantee Pergo does not use recycled floors to ensure they can keep the 100%-phthalate- free promise. At the vinyl factory in Wielsbeke, Belgium that opened in 2014, the production process is closely monitored from the raw materials to the finished product. Pergo are committed to use phthalate-free plasticisers and are working towards bio-based plasticisers becoming standard.

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