A&T Consultancy installs vinyl floors in office spaces

In the process of searching for a new location, the owner Erwin De Backer soon found a property in Sint-Niklaas that was full of character. But the place clearly needed renovation, and so he set off in search for the right materials. The owner could count on the professional advice of Pergo’s representative in the choice of the ideal floor for his renovation project.

The Pergo sales representative pointed out the floors that would best suit their needs. A&T Consultancy had carpeting in their previous offices, which was difficult to keep in good condition with so many clients popping in all the time. They felt that a vinyl floor would do the trick better. Pergo’s floor does, in fact, turn out to be very easy to clean, sound-dampening and scratch-resistant. The Pergo sales representative recommended a light colour because they only have light coming in from one side of the room. That’s why they picked the Light Highland Oak design. Its colour also matches their office furniture.

Renovating the old building posed some additional challenges, particularly when installing the new floor. Erwin and his team relied on a team of seasoned installers at renovating company ProReno. Pergo provided them with the right mouldings to ensure smooth transitions between level differences. To complete the picture, they used matching wallbases. But the walls weren’t all straight as an arrow, luckily the matching wallbases were able to conceal such minor irregularities and ensure a perfect end result.

This project
  1. Category: Class 33 Belgium Vinyl Conference room
  2. Country: Belgium
  3. City: Sint-Niklaas
  4. Year:  2017

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