Volkswagen showrooms at Bilcentrumgruppen

From its operating base in the southern Swedish town of Kristianstad, Bilcentrumgruppen set out to sell Volkswagen vehicles back in 1959.
  • Location: Kristianstadt
  • Country: Sweden
  • Project Type: Retail
  • Floor type: Laminate

Since then, the car dealership group has opened showrooms in the nearby towns of Hässleholm and Sölvesborg. More recently, in 2015 to be exact, Bilcentrumgruppen also expanded its offering to cover the whole Volkswagen AG package, including brands such as Volkswagen Transport, Skoda, Audi and SEAT.

High time for both a refurbishment and the construction of several brand-new showrooms. Pergo’s public Extreme laminate flooring was up for the daunting task.