Design: the making of a true original

The beauty and durability of Pergo laminate, parquet and vinyl flooring is being recognized in hotels, restaurants, homes, and countless other places around the globe. Our secret? A neverending commitment to creating ever more beautiful and durable floors.
Inspired by trends and life INSPIRED BY LIFE ITSELF

Our designers find inspiration in the latest fashion trends, architectural masterpieces and everyday life. Every floor — whether it’s laminate, parquet, or vinyl — starts with careful research, analysis and creative brainstorms. We’re inspired by our users’ needs: how can we add value to their projects, to their lives? How can we increase the performance of our floors and add beauty to any interior design project?


When the best ideas have been singled out, the search for the ‘ultimate original’ ensues. This original timber or stone serves as the basis for each of our floors. The unique look of pine wood, for example, was obtained through the use of the ultimate original, which we carefully select.


This original is then treated in-house in various ways to create a look that is perfectly in line with the designer’s vision. Real craftsmanship runs throughout the different processes we have developed. For our laminate and vinyl collections, we use a cutting-edge digital process that allows us to create an even better version of the original. Nerves, flowers, knots and cracks are digitally added or removed in exactly the correct proportions to obtain a perfect balance. In other words: we go where no replica floor has gone before.

Innovate to perform INNOVATING TO PERFORM

Pergo invented laminate in 1977 and hasn’t stopped innovating ever since. Features such as water resistance, PerfectFold™ technology for easy installation, and our impeccable scratch and stain-resistant layers are just a few of our ground-breaking inventions. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and keep innovating to offer our customers more options for stunning interior designs. To do this, we even go beyond flooring: our water-resistant vinyl flooring, for example, is perfectly suited to your walls as well.