Aluminium mouldings for commercial laminate

Mouldings provide an elegant transition and compensate for height differences wherever laminate floors meet laminate or other commercial flooring surfaces, such as carpet, ceramic, ...

If you need a 100% colour matching moulding, see our Incizo 5-in-1 solution. If you are planning flooring for a heavy duty application, contact us and we'll help you find the perfect solution.


PGINCP Laminate Accessories Thermotreated Oak PGINCP01803
Incizo Profile
Pergo 5-in-1 offers different moulding solutions for different parts of your floor, all wrapped up in one handy package. The mouldings match your floor perfectly in colour as well as in structure, and the all-in-one solutions provide a seamless result. With the patented Incizo® solution, you simply cut the moulding to the shape you need: 1. T-moulding: from laminate to laminate; 2. Carpet transition: from laminate to carpet; 3. Hard surface reducer: from laminate to ceramic, vinyl or linoleum; 4. End moulding: finishing up to threshold, sliding doors, etc.; 5. Stair nose moulding: for a flush finish on stair treads / for a step down from a floating floor e.g. at the top of the stairs or a step down in a room. For application on stairs or steps, please order the Incizo aluminium subprofile for stairs separately.
2150 x 48 x 13 mm
NEINCPBASE Laminate Accessories Incizo Aluminium Subprofile For Stairs NEINCPBASE6
Incizo Aluminium Subprofile for Stairs
This aluminium subprofile allows you to finish stairs and steps in the same design as your laminate floor. It's meant to be combined with the Incizo profile.
depending on type NEINCPBASE
PGPRSILV Laminate Accessories Combi moulding PGPRSILV
Combi moulding
T-moulding and reducer in one. Plastic bottom rail. Suitable for height differences of 0 - 12.3 mm.
1860 x 47 x 16 mm
PGENPSILVME270 Laminate Accessories End Moulding, Silver PGENPSILVME270
End Moulding, Silver
Suitable for height differences of 0 – 12.3 mm.
2700 x 25 x 9,5 mm
PGSTPSILVME250 Laminate Accessories Stair Profile, Silver PGSTPSILVME250
Stair Profile, Silver
Stair nose. Fits flooring thickness 7 – 15 mm. Colour: silver. Surface: aluminium.
2500 x 50 x 25 mm

Mouldings (commercial)

Commercial Expansion Profile Colour Matched
PGEXPCNATURE Laminate Accessories T-profile, nature PGEXPCNATURE
T-profile, nature
PGEXPCSILVME270 Laminate Accessories T-profile, silver PGEXPCSILVME270
T-profile, silver
PGENPCSILVME270 Laminate Accessories End Moulding, silver PGENPCSILVME270
End Moulding, silver
PGRPC80SILVME270 Laminate Accessories Ramp Profile, Drilled PGRPC80SILVME270
Ramp Profile, Drilled
PGRPC55SILVME315A Laminate Accessories Low Ramp Profile PGRPC55SILVME315A
Low Ramp Profile
PGRPC85CORNSILVME Laminate Accessories Pre-cut Corner for High Ramp Profile PGRPC85CORNSILVME
Pre-cut Corner for High Ramp Profile
PGRPC85SILVME315 Laminate Accessories High Ramp Profile PGRPC85SILVME315
High Ramp Profile