Underlays for commercial laminate flooring

Every commercial laminate floor needs a good foundation. An underlay adds walking comfort and functionality. Building requirements vary though, so it is necessary to select an underlay according to the specific project needs. It may be to minimize walking noise or impact sound. All our underlays have a memory function, which means they return to their original form after being pressed in.
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impact sound insulation

Impact sound insulation

Impact sound is the sound heard in the room below when someone walks on the floor. All Pergo underlays either meet or exceed requirements for impact sound insulation. The higher the impact sound reduction value, the better the sound insulating property of the underlay.

Water vapour resistance

Pergo laminate floors must be protected from moisture rising up from below. A vapour barrier offers resistance against passage of water vapour, which is necessary when the wood floor is installed on a mineral subfloor, such as concrete. A vapour barrier can be provided either by a seperate layer such as a PE film, or by a layer integrated in the underlay (combination products).

Walking noise reduction

Walking noise reduction

Walking noise is the sound heard in the room from walking on the floor. The higher the emitted walking noise reduction value, the better the sound reducing property of the underlay.

Installation over underfloor heating

Installation over underfloor heating

When installing a floor in combination with an underlay over underfloor heating, the thermal resistance of the total installation should ideally not exceed 0.15m2 K/W. If exceeded, the effect of the underfloor heating might be slightly reduced. The lower the thermal insulation value of the underlay, the more suitable the underlay is for installation over underfloor heating.


  • For concrete subfloors
  • For wooden subfloors
  • Floor heating products

For concrete subfloors

For wooden subfloors

Floor heating products

Pergo quickheat is the smart and easy way to enjoy underfloor heating. Nothing to cast in concrete, minimum bother – you can even forget about the electrician. Just roll out the quickheat mats with built-in heating cables and click them together. Install the thermostat and safety box on the wall, and plug in. It really is that simple. In addition to warmth, Pergo quickheat also provides walking comfort, so no other underlay is needed. By supplementing your primary heating system with Pergo quickheat you can also usually lower the temperature 2 – 3 degrees compared to using radiators. The timer included with the system can be set for 5 + 2 days.