We know that commercial flooring always get noticed. That’s why we give you the freedom to design your unique spaces. With a wide variety of colours, decors, surface textures, and formats you are able to create countless designs. Yet, beyond that, our exceptional customisation capabilities allow for even more ideas.

We also offer special design features such as Endless Plank and Natural Variation.

Pergo Endless Plank

Endless Plank™ - the floor that goes on forever

The Endless Plank-design with its 2 bevels makes the room feel longer and more spacious by creating the feeling of never-ending floor planks. A perfectly matching decor and texture that flows continuously from the end of one plank to the next.

Pergo natural variation

Natural Variation™ - adding personality to the floor

Natural Variation™ is a production process that randomly gives each plank a chalked and rustic look. There are possibilities of creating over 700 different looking planks, which means endless pattern variations.

Attractive textures

Attractive textures

Our collections feature seven different surface textures that each serve to enhance the authentic impression of your laminate floor. From the well-worn vintage look to the natural feeling of wood grains.

Format bevel

A format and bevel for every room

The format of the plank contributes to the overall impression of the room. It allows you to transform the feeling of an entire room, making it wider, narrower, longer, darker or lighter. Next to the format of the plank, the choice of bevels also highly affects the look of the plank and the entire floor.

Customised floors


Thanks to our collective knowledge we can offer almost endless customisation possibilities to ensure that you get what you want.