Environmental leader in commercial laminate

At Pergo, caring for the environment has played a central role in everything we do since we first began making laminate floors. It affects our products, our production, and our choice of raw materials, processes, suppliers, transportation and packaging.

Environmental labels:

Nordic Ecolabel

Nordic Ecolabel

Nordic Ecolabel. Pergo was the first flooring manufacturer to receive the Nordic Ecolabel, the Green Swan.



PEFC-certified (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). Signifies that all wood used in these products originates from renewable forests.

EPD Certificate


EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). Its main purpose is to provide precise, reliable and comparable information on environmental performance of the product.

U Certificate


This mark is a confirmation of the products’conformity with the emission requirements of the German Institute for Construction Technology and is a quality requirement needed for sales in Germany.

Afsett certificate

Afsett (A+)

Afsett (A+). Afsett is a French certificate used for emission regulations. A+ is the toughest category meaning very low emissions.

M1 certificate


M1 Finnish label for emission classification.