Maintenance instructions for commercial laminate flooring

Pergo commercial floors are designed to resist dirt and dust. Also cleaning and maintenance are very easy. To simplify cleaning even more, Pergo offers you cleaning products specially made for our floors. By following the simple advice given here, you can keep your Pergo floor looking good for many years to come.


Day-to-day cleaning

  • Damp mop the floor only when needed.
  • Damp the mop cloth with warm water and All-round Floor Cleaner (mix 30 ml with 7 l water) or a neutral detergent. Use an environmental friendly natural detergent that has a low foaming effect and a pH value about 7. Mix carefully according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do not overdose.
  • Used mop shall be washed according to labeling in 60°C without any additives.
  • Do not work in larger areas than 15-20 m2 at a time.
  • Make sure the floor is dry after damp mopping.

Removal of stubborn stains or markings

To remove stubborn stains or markings use Pergo All-Round Floor Cleaner and a clean mop, towel or a scratch free white or red pad if extra treatment is needed. Let it act for a few minutes. Remove the stain by wiping it away with a clean mop damped with lukewarm water. Repeat if necessary. Wipe dry afterwards.

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Maintenance accessories for Pergo laminate flooring

PGCLEANINGKIT Laminate Accessories Cleaning kit PGCLEANINGKIT
Cleaning Kit
PGREPAIR Laminate Accessories Repair wax PGREPAIR
Repair Kit