AC5 Laminate Flooring

AC5 laminate flooring can be specified with confidence for medium to heavy duty commercial applications.

Pergo AC5 Class 33 commercial laminate flooring is not only assessed to meet the abrasion and impact resistance criteria for busy commercial spaces, but substantially exceeds them at every level.

Combining stylish design with superior rated durability and wear resistance, our AC5 Class 33 laminate flooring is the perfect solution for withstanding the constant challenges of heavy duty foot and wheeled traffic experienced in everyday commercial life.

AC5 laminate flooring case References:

When refurbishing their theatre, Vinehall independent school demanded outstanding durability performance as our AC5 Class 33 laminate took front of stage. With an attractive, easy to maintain, hardwearing floor finish, it now shows off their students’ performances to perfection.

With a vision to create a homely yet modern atmosphere for trend-savvy women, men and children, leading footwear retailer Avance selected Pergo commercial laminate flooring to upgrade their flagship Belgium store. Successfully achieving the desired warm, contemporary touch, our class 33 laminates are now specified for Avance’s pan-store refurbishment projects.