Sensation - Water resistant commercial laminate

Pergo Sensation takes commercial laminate flooring to a whole new level – even when it comes to water resistance. No more worrying about getting water on the floor, here is the perfect alternative for kitchens, bathrooms or hallways!

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Irresistibly water-resistant

The new Pergo Sensation floors are not only designed to look great, they are also innovative when it comes to performance. With the brand new AquaSafe technology your new laminate floor is now protected against water like never before!

The surface protection of our new Sensation floors extends all the way into the bevels to create a fully closed surface. In addition, a water repellent coating on the plank edges ensures that water cannot penetrate the floor. Being water-resistant, a Sensation floor is also hygienic. Dirt – just like water – simply stays on the surface and can be wiped away easily. So it’s safe to say that in terms of design as well as performance, the new Pergo floors are nothing short of a sensation!

35 years ago we invented laminate flooring. Now we do it again!

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