Laminate flooring technical features

Commercial laminate flooring consists of different layers, each and every one of them designed for a special purpose to keep the floor looking and feeling beautiful year after year. The multilayer structure ensures maximum durability. And Pergo's PerfectFold™ and Uniclic click systems make installation fast and easy.

Laminate floor build-up

  1. Superior wear and scratch resistance
  2. Crystal clear decor
  3. Excellent impact resistance
  4. Moisture resistant HDF core
  5. Back stabiliser

Wear Protection

Wear protection

Pergo’s patented TitanX™ surface is the best multilayer protective floor finish on the market, providing wear resistance that exceeds normal standards for commercial environments.

Impact Resistance

Impact resistance

The unique multilayer construction of our TitanX™ surface, together with a dense core material, provides very high impact resistance for handling dropped objects and high-heeled shoes.

Castor Chair

Scratch resistance

The TitanX™ surface has an extra protective layer providing the best scratch- and scuff-resistance on the market, so your Pergo floor will retain its lustre much longer than other laminate floors.

Water Resistance

Water resistance

Pergo combines moisture-resistant core materials with a strong and tight click-joint. The result is some of the most moisture-resistant floors on the market.



Pergo laminate floors eliminate static electricity. Electrostatic charges are dissipated through electrically conductive graphite in the flooring. This method fulfils the market’s most stringent antistatic requirements.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance

A Pergo floor with TitanX™ surface has a natural high resistance to fire thanks to its multilayer construction. This, combined with the core’s density, allows for faster heat dissipation.

Easy Installation

Easy installation

The PerfectFold™ and Uniclic click systems make installation quick and easy. Just click the planks into place using one of the click methods, and you’ll be done in no time.



Bacteria require nourishment and moisture in order to thrive, and the tightly sealed, easy to clean TitanX™ surface makes this impossible. This provides a high level of hygiene naturally, without chemical antiseptics..

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance

A Pergo floor with TitanX™ surface is much easier to clean than ordinary floors. The reason is that the TitanX™ surface is so tightly sealed that dirt simply cannot take hold.

Castor Chair

Embossed in register

Creates a dramatic level of realism in Pergo’s Sensation decors. The matt surface is perfectly matched/synchronized with the decor paper’s pattern.