Why laminate AC ratings matter

When buying or specifying commercial laminate flooring it is vital to understand the product’s suitability for its intended application or usage class. The internationally accepted classification of laminate flooring durability is the Abrasion Criteria or ‘AC’ rating. Laminate AC ratings measure wear resistance and were originally designated AC1 to AC5. The exceptionally high standards of Pergo laminates necessitated the creation of an even higher, AC6 resistance level for very heavy commercial use.


Classifications are divided into Residential or Commercial suitability.


  • AC1 rating (Class 21): Very light foot traffic. Ideal for bedrooms
  • AC2 rating (Class 22): Moderate foot traffic areas with low amounts of wear and tear such as dining rooms
  • AC3 rating (Class 23/31): Moderate trafficked living rooms, conservatories, hallways


  • AC4 rating (Class 32): Any domestic and general trafficked commercial spaces such as offices, cafes, salons and boutiques or residential spaces
  • AC5 rating (Class 33): Busy areas requiring medium to heavy traffic resistance such as retail stores, showrooms, restaurants and schools
  • AC6 rating (Class 34): Very heavy intensive trafficked areas such as supermarkets, airport terminals and public-facing government buildings