AC6-laminate flooring

Opening up exciting new opportunities in laminate applications, AC6 laminate flooring is the highest recognised abrasion criteria rating signifying suitability for very heavy, intensive commercial use.

AC6 commercial laminate flooring is now a recommended option for extremely high-wear public areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, major retailers, discount warehouses, airport terminals, bus and train stations.

Pioneering outstanding laminate durability, Pergo created a floor in 2005 so advanced in its abrasion resistance, the Association Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) had to introduce a new rating category ‘AC6 Class 34’. Not only the first floor in the world to be accredited this standard, Pergo Extreme AC6 Class 34 still consistently exceeds it today.

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In a real-life durability test for very heavy, high-wear commercial applications, Pergo Public Extreme class 34 laminate withstood the dense traffic of half a million commuters at Copenhagen Central Station.

  • Creating a light, stylish and trendy atmosphere for Volkswagen showrooms, Pergo laminate class 34 easily supports the weight of constantly rearranging car displays with guaranteed long-term durability.
  • Instead of polished concrete Go Sport, one of Europe’s biggest distributors of sporting goods specified a class 34 Pergo laminate for its shop floors, significantly surpassing the wear resistance, durability and good looks of the more traditional option.
  • The shop floors of Chicco, the largest baby brand in Europe, must withstand heavy buggy traffic and happy kids running around. Our class 34 floors make everyone feel welcome.