Maintenance tools for vinyl flooring

Pergo commercial vinyl floors are very resistant to dirt, which makes cleaning and maintenance easy. To make it even more simple, Pergo offers you cleaning products specially made for our floors. Follow the advice given here to keep your Pergo floor looking good for many years to come.

We always recommend using our own maintenance products. Regular cleaning products, such as soap and detergents, will form a film on the surface of the floor, which will make it look matt and dull.

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PGCLEANECO1000 Laminate Accessories Floor Cleaner PGCLEANECO1000
Floor Cleaner
This product thoroughly cleanses your floor, protects the surface and helps preserve its original appearance. It’s biodegradable which makes it a truly sustainable choice. Floor cleaner has been specifically developed for Pergo floors.
1000 ml
PGSPOTCLEAN Laminate Accessories Spot Cleaner PGSPOTCLEAN
Spot Cleaner
This product removes even the most persistent stains, such as those from permanent markers, paint, red wine, kitchen spills and more. Spot cleaner has been specifically developed for Pergo floors.
250 ml
PGCLEANINGKIT Laminate Accessories Cleaning kit PGCLEANINGKIT
Cleaning kit
High quality mop set with extra long ergonomic handle and a mop cloth holder.
Contents: mop-cloth holder, high-quality mop
PGREPAIR Laminate Accessories Repair wax PGREPAIR
Repair wax
Repair wax. Repair the colour of damaged planks quickly and easily with wax in colours covering the Pergo wood palette. Contains 1 melting knife, 1 comb, addwaxional wax.
Contents: 1 melting knife, 1 comb, 7 wax blocks