Pergo floors obtain M1 certificate for low emission levels

02 December 2014

Pergo has successfully applied for and obtained the very strict M1 certificate for its laminate and vinyl flooring. Not an ordinary feat since this Finnish classification system is up to 5 times more strict than the most stringent of European laws.

M1 is a voluntary eco-label for building products. Applicants are evaluated by the Building Information Foundation RTS in Finland.

Building materials emit various chemicals into the air. The emission of volatile organic compounds ammonia and formaldehyde is determined as well as the emission of carcinogenic substances and the scent of the product. According to these parameters 3 classes are defined: M1, M2 and M3 with M1 having the lowest emission levels.

Various chemicals are emitted from building and interior decoration materials into indoor air. The classification presents emission requirements for the materials used in ordinary work spaces and residences with respect to good indoor air quality. M1 stands for low emissions.

Building Information Foundation RTS

In comparison with Europe’s most strict emission laws the required emission for M1 classification is up to 5 times lower. The allowed formaldehyde emission is just 40% of what Europe prescribes!

In Finland RAKLI (Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients), SAFA (Association of Architects) and SKOL (Finnish Association of Consulting Firms) all recommend their members to work with M1 classified products in order to ensure high-quality construction.

M1 is not the only environmental label on our Pergo floors. We have obtained Nordic Swan, PEFC and Green Label Singapore and largely comply with all Eu national regulations such as Affsett, and aBZ in Germany. And finally we have a verified EPD based on LCA for the laminate floors.


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