Pergo History

Pergo history goes back to 1977, when we revolutionized the (commercial) flooring industry by inventing the first laminate floor. The idea came from a brainstorming committee set up to suggest new applications for high-pressure laminate made by Perstorp, a leading Swedish chemical company.

pergo history

The idea took root and evolved over time:

  • From a small, supplementary product to a complete division
  • From a division to a separate company: Perstorp Flooring AB
  • And from a single to a multi-category brand
  • To what is now one of the world’s most recognized and trusted flooring brands.

1977 – Idea-77 committee at Perstorp invents concept of laminate flooring during a brainstorming session
1980 – First laminate flooring (Perstorp Golv GL80) sold in Sweden
1989 – Brand name “Pergo” (an acronym of Perstorp Golv) is chosen following a naming competition and introduced to the market
1991 – First manufacturer of laminate at domotex
1992 – Launch of high-quality, commercial-grade product (Pergo Publiq)
1994 – Pergo laminate flooring introduced in United States
1994 – Our accessories get the same quality laminate coating as the floors (protected by 15 patents)
1995 – Pergo introduced in Asia
1995 - Technology invented for achieving unsurpassed scratch resistance (later marketed as TitanX)
1996 – New flooring factory opened in Garner, North Carolina, US
2001 – Pergo introduces embossing effects on laminate surfaces (protected by 26 patentes)
2001 – Pergo invents patented click joint technology
2001 – Introduction of NaturalVariation – decors and structures that go beyond the border of a plank (protected by 50 patents)
2001 – Introduction of multipurpose moulding (protected by 20 patents)
2010 – PerfectFold is introduced worldwide (protected by 100 patents)
2013 – Pergo becomes a true multi-category brand by entering the wood flooring market as well as vinyl