Conscious Pergo vinyl flooring

Pergo vinyl flooring: limiting environmental impact

We are naturally keen to take our responsibility to minimise the impact of our vinyl floor production. We try to use the raw materials and our innovative green energy generation in a smart way as much as possible. Did you know we have even created our own circular ecosystem to prevent our industrial waste from being incinerated or lost? Find out more about how our vinyl floors are made.

Transparent use of resources

Vinyl components

There are 3 key ingredients in a Pergo vinyl floor. About 40% chalk, as a naturally abundant material. Around one quarter is made of recycled PVC, generated from our own production waste. Thirdly, one quarter consists of so-called ‘virgin’ or new PVC, made from chlorine (common salt) and ethylene (crude oil).

Durable products

We realise that oil is a non-renewable resource, which means it’s a substance which cannot be replenished by nature on a human time scale. For this reason we do everything possible to ensure our vinyl flooring will last a very long time, up to 25 years. Our R&D team is also working very hard to find alternative solutions with more sustainable materials.

If you prefer a more eco-friendly alternative to vinyl flooring, Pergo laminate is a good choice.

What Pergo vinyl flooring is made of
Pergo vinyl flooring is 100% ortho-phthalate free

Ortho-phthalate free

Additives are another ingredient in our vinyl flooring. These contain no harmful substances and are 100% ortho-phthalate free. For example, the plasticisers we use to make your flooring flexible are the same as those used in children’s toys and food packaging. You can therefore be confident they are completely safe for you and your children.

Circular ecosystem

99% of our own industrial waste is successfully recycled through our internal production process. This means that we do not burn or dump materials unnecessarily, and we operate our own internal closed circuit. In this way, our production facility takes its responsibility and almost no waste is lost or destroyed.

Our vinyl floors are 100% ortho-phthalate free
and therefore completely safe for you and your family

Clean air indoors

Limiting unhealthy emissions

Since we spend most of our time indoors, the quality of air at home is of great importance. Air quality is affected by many factors, including ventilation, candles, cleaning agents, and even your furnishing and flooring materials. We are keen to prevent any unhealthy emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) – organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure at room temperature. By producing your floor as much as possible in-house we know exactly which materials are used and can easily keep control. That is why the VOC emission of your vinyl floor is lower than the European norm, resulting in an A+ rating and M1 label for very low emissions.

Pergo vinyl flooring has very low emissions
Half our Unilin Group’s production is powered by renewable energy sources

Green operations

Win-win on waste

Did you know that in our factory where we produce flex and glue vinyl flooring, we use wood dust waste from our laminate plant next door to generate green heat for our production line? Thanks to this internal energy we are able to cover 70% of our site’s heat requirements, and avoid CO2 emissions of 25,000 tons per year.

Investment in wind energy

Our Rigid vinyl flooring factory runs on green energy, generated by three of our own windmills. These produce an annual total of 12,600 MWh of green energy, equating to the annual energy consumption of 3,490 European households.

Extra efforts in renewable energy

Our efforts in green energy do not stop there. Unilin Group – as Pergo’s parent company – has also invested in two biomass plants to transform wood dust and non-recyclable wood waste from the group’s operations into renewable energy. We also use energy from solar panels in our production plants. In total, about half of our group’s production is now powered by renewable energy.

Certified safety

We are never satisfied and set high standards when it comes to health and safety. Our efforts to comply with some of the most stringent environmental and health standards are clear in the following labels:

a+ emission label


Emission regulation certificate, serving as a recognition for very low emissions. A+ is the top category, standing for the lowest emission. 

Finnish ecolabel M1


Proof that our flooring products do not release toxic substances and are odourless. M1 is the top category of this Finnish classification, standing for the lowest emission.