Pergo sustainable wood flooring

Pergo wood flooring: treating trees with care

Our wood flooring is not only beautiful and easy to care for, it is also engineered for maximum environmental friendliness. Our wood flooring is made of wood, so we naturally feel it is our responsibility to produce it as sustainably as possible. In this way we can continue to enjoy the beautiful things our planet has to offer.

Making the most out of wood

Economical use of slow-growing trees

Trees are an essential ally in combating climate change due to their role in absorbing CO2 and stimulating biodiversity. We must therefore treat them with care, and especially slow-growing trees such as oak. For this reason we limit our use of these species and use them only in the top layers of our wood floors.

Recovered or fast-growing wood

When making the core of our wood floors we use either wood from fast-growing trees (spruce, hevea …) or a high-density fibreboard (HDF) made of recovered wood. This wood is gathered from sawmills, sustainable forest management processes and roadside maintenance, etc. and would otherwise end up as waste. In doing so, we limit our use of slow-growing trees and are able to use our most sustainable options in the most efficient manner possible

Pergo wood flooring is made of 100% recovered wood
Pergo wood flooring is made of wood from sustainably managed forests

Efficient use of wood waste

Our most extensive efforts to produce sustainable wooden flooring are visible in our Sandhamn range. These are specially designed to incorporate small pieces of wood that would otherwise go to waste. In this way we make creative use of the wood available, to give you high-quality flooring in your home.

Sustainably managed forests

If forests are managed sustainably we can all continue to enjoy this important resource. That is why our wood floors carry the PEFC label – together with FSC, the most trusted certificate in sustainable sourcing. This guarantees our recovered wood comes from sustainably managed forests or controlled sources, protecting primeval forests and preventing illegal logging with a risk analysis. That way, we’re sure our wood sourcing doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

The formaldehyde emission of our wood flooring
is 10 times lower than EU regulations.

Clean air indoors

In full control

Since we spend so much time at home, the air quality in our homes is vitally important. There are many factors affecting air quality. Ventilation, cleaning agents, candles, even the materials used in your interior, such as flooring. We are perfectly placed to manage any emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which might arise from the use of glue and lacquer. This is because we maximise our in-house production and know exactly what materials our wood floors contain. You can therefore be rest assured that your floor is perfectly safe for you and your family.

Very low emission

One potential VOC in flooring is formaldehyde. The formaldehyde emission in our wood flooring is 10 times lower than the EU restrictions. This is reflected in our A label, which is the most highly regarded emission regulation certificate, and demonstrates low emissions.

Pergo wood flooring have very low emissions
Half our Unilin Group’s production is powered by renewable energy sources

Driven by green energy

Powered by wood waste

When it comes to heating in the production of our wood flooring, about 90% of our energy is generated by wood residue and dust. This wood waste comes from our production processes or from wood that has reached the end of its life, which means it’s no longer suitable for use in your flooring. Rather than waste it, we use it to generate green energy.

Minimum CO2 emission

Unilin Group – Pergo’s parent company – has invested in two biomass plants to convert wood dust and non-recyclable wood waste into green energy to drive our own production processes and for domestic use. We also use energy from windmills and solar panels. In doing so, we were able to avoid more than 200,000 tonnes of CO2 emission in 2020.

Limited environmental impact

Safety, health and sustainability are very important priorities in our company. To enhance our environmental efforts and make sure we minimise our environmental impact, we make use of the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology. This identifies in which phases of our wood floors lifecycle we can still improve. This leads to an environmental product declaration (EPD), which then helps us to do better.

The following labels are demonstration that our wood floors comply with some of the most stringent environmental and health standards:

Nordic Swan Ecolabel Pergo wooden flooring 

Nordic Ecolabel

Highly regarded Scandinavian ecological label for products that meet high requirements for environmental standards throughout the life cycle.

PEFC label


Globally trusted trademark for wooden products originating from sustainably managed forests.

a emission label


The top category emission regulation certificate, serving as a recognition for very low emissions.

Finnish ecolabel M1


Proof that our flooring products do not release toxic substances and are odourless. M1 is the top category of this Finnish classification, standing for the lowest emission.

Environmental product declaration Pergo wood flooring


With our environmental product declaration we show our commitment to provide precise, reliable and comparable information on the environmental performance of our laminate and wood products. 

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