Commercial flooring with the environment in mind


Caring for the environment plays a central role in everything we do — from our choice of raw materials to our processes, suppliers, transportation and packaging. We decrease the environmental impacts of our manufacturing by using innovative technologies and best practices, and by doing so we reduce our greenhouse emissions and conserve energy.

We aim to decrease the environmental impact of our manufacturing:

  • In 2012, we saved the equivalent to annual energy consumption of 500 households, by improving the energy usage on site, in the production process and at the office.
  • We save 720,000 liters of water every year, using rainwater for our production sites. Enough to fill a third of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  • Over 85% of the heat needed for production is produced by burning wood dust from milling, sawing and grinding in our own production. That equates to the typical yearly energy use for heating of 15,000 households!

We strive to reduce our packaging

We continuously reduce and lightweight our packaging, although always making sure it is protective enough to avoid damage to the product.

We work to reduce the environmental impact of our transportation

Annually, we keep 1000 trucks from the road by using waterways. This is one of the examples of how we work to improve the environmental performance of our transport and distribution network.

We comply with CE marking

All our commercial floors are CE labelled. This means that they have met EU consumer, safety, health and environmental standards. All our floors are tested in recognised laboratories and we largely meet the minimum requirements.

Read more about our efforts within each product category: