Commercial guarantee Pergo vinyl flooring

Pergo commercial vinyl flooring is made to last. The robust and innovative construction provides durability you’ll be glad you chose whenever the challenges of daily living suddenly arise. Depending on the application, the stresses that your floor has to deal with are different. Every situation is different in a commercial environment and Pergo wants to give a correct warranty for each and every one of them. That is why the standard warranty for our Optimum collection can be extended on request. For most applications it’s possible to receive a longer warranty than the standard. The standard warranty covers water, wear and delamination issues.

Our Optimum collection is suited for heavy commercial environments and to allow us to really provide you with a matching warranty, the warranty is on request.

Residential use

optimum (33): 25 years
premium (32): 20 years

Commercial use

optimum (33): 5 years standard warranty, up to 15 years on request
premium (32): up to 10 years on request