Wallbases for commercial wood flooring

Wallbases create the final touch, not only to your commercial wood floor but also to the entire project. We offer a wide range of wallbases to match all needs.

  • Perfect colour match to all floors designs
  • Adapted structure and gloss grade
  • Wear and scratch-resistant veneer surface

Pergo’s perfectly matched wallbases are installed easily and flexibly using a snap-in system, nails, screws or glue.

PGWPPSKR Parquet Accessories Wallbase, straight PGWPPSKR03096
Wallbase, straight
Surface: wear and scratch-resistant veneer. Colour matched.
2400 x 16 x 80 mm
PGWPPSKRWHITE Parquet Accessories Wallbase, straight, white PGWPPSKRWHITE
Wallbase, straight, white
Surface: foil. Colour: white
2400 x 16 x 80 mm
PGWPPSKRPAINT Parquet Accessories Wallbase, straight PGWPPSKRPAINT
Wallbase, straight, paintable
Surface: foil. Colour: paintable.
2400 x 16 x 80 mm
PGSCOTPAINT Laminate Accessories Beading, paintable PGSCOTPAINT
Beading, paintable
Colour: white, paintable. Surface: foil. Core: MDF.
2400 x 17 x 17 mm
PGSCOTWHITE Laminate Accessories Beading, white PGSCOTWHITE
Beading, white
Colour: white. Surface: foil. Core: MDF.
2400 x 17 x 17 mm