Choosing your commercial wood floor design

We offer a full colour palette in commercial wood flooring on oak or ash. The colours go all the way from arctic white to deepest coffee dark.


Each tree is unique, and even different parts of the same tree produce different appearances. Knots and grain patterns help define and add character. Some of our products have more character than others, and that's why we have developed a grading system to help you find the floor with the expression you want.

wood grading


Wood with knots up to 20 mm; variation in colour and structure

wood grading


Wood with knots up to 50 mm; lively variation in colour and structure

lively wood grading


Wood with big knots up to 80 mm and cracks; lively variation in colour and structure and a rather rustic appearance


brushed wood structure


Brushing the surface of a wood plank accentuates the natural grain structure and enhances the authentic look and feel of the wood.

Deep brushed wood structure


The wood surface is treated with special brushes, brushing down the soft parts between the annual rings. Deep brushing enhances the wood feel even more.


Wood is a material that truly grows more beautiful with time. And to ensure that you may enjoy your floors for many years to come, our floors are given a protective and caring surface finish. All our floors are ready for use right out of the box, with no extra surface treatment necessary. Our lacquers meet strict international emission norms, so you can enjoy your wood flooring knowing that it was made with respect for the environment.

Extra matte lacquer finish

Extra Matt Lacquer

Matte lacquer finish

Matt Lacquer


Bevels define each individual plank, creating the feeling of an authentic wood floor. Our collection features designs with bevels on the longest sides, all sides or no bevel for a smooth, even floor.