Restaurant flooring

Intimate chic to exotic vibrancy, creating the perfect ambiance to complement your cuisine is vital in enhancing your customers’ dining experience. Not only harmonising with your interior design, your choice of restaurant floor must also take into account an array of practical considerations.

Pergo is committed to offering Restaurant owners a complete single source commercial flooring solution - Technologically advanced laminate, vinyl and natural wood systems for every restaurant size or style together with a dedicated consultant to help from initial design, through fast-track installation to guaranteed life-long performance.

Why choose Pergo?
  • Easy cleaning
  • Market leading durability
  • Fire class BfI-S1
  • Up to 10 years warranty

Commercial grade restaurant flooring

Your restaurant floor must be able to withstand both high and low foot traffic, especially waiters’ pathways from kitchen to table. Localised intense abrasion where tables and chairs repeatedly slide back and forth, food and drink spillages and even the occasional direct impact of dropped plates and cutlery.

Our commercial flooring solutions are specially developed to do exactly that. With market leading durability and wear resistance Pergo floors have a proven track record in restaurant flooring.

Sound insulation also needs to be considered to help reduce echo and absorb some of the more vocal diner’s enjoyment. We offer a range of floor underlays that address every specific need. From walking noise reduction to impact sound reduction for restaurants with multiple floors.

Pergo floors satisfy all these demands and add beautiful designs and bespoke customization options that will capture your restaurant’s character to perfection.

Facility 32 Laminate 33 Laminate 34 Laminate Vinyl Wood
Reception area Ok Recommended
Main dining area Recommended Ok Ok Ok
Restrooms Recommended
Kitchen Ok
  • Class 32, 33 and 34
  • TitanX™ Advanced multilayer technology
  • BfIS1 fire safety classification
  • Sound insulating floor underlays
  • 3-layer build-up with a protective layer
  • Pre-finished with 7 layers of lacquer or 2 layers of oil
  • Sound insulating floor underlays
  • Commercial grade wear resistance
  • Soft and comfortable walking experience
  • Waterproof

Cleaning and maintenance

Helping you maintain impeccable health and hygiene standards Pergo floors are designed to defend against dirt, dust, staining and scuff marks making maintenance and cleaning procedures quick and easy for fresh, spotless environment.

Fast installation

Our unique click system Perfect Fold 3.0™ offers three ways of installation and thus makes installation of your hotel flooring fast and easy in every situation. The PerfectFold™3.0 click-system ensures a stable locking, minimizing risk of gaps and height differences.

Commercial warranty

Pergo flooring is made to last. The standard commercial warranties range from 3 years up to 5 years, and 10 years on request. It covers issues concerning wear, stain, fading, click and limited issues of water.

Restaurant flooring references

Pergo has been specified throughout the world as restaurateur’s preferred flooring partner. From blending tantalising Eastern and Western cuisines at the Red Moon bar and restaurant at Beijing’s luxurious Hyatt, to where Japanese meets Mediterranean at Madrid’s vibrant Summa sushi restaurant and even on the set Swedish TV’s version of Masterchef.