40 years of durability

The history of Pergo runs side by side with the history of the laminate floor. Pergo invented the entire category 40 years ago.

The history of Pergo runs side by side with the history of the laminate floor. Because Pergo is not only a manufacturer of durable laminate flooring. Pergo invented the entire category 40 years ago. And over the years our dedication to beautiful, durable flooring has evolved into one of the most comprehensive product ranges for commercial projects worldwide, including vinyl planks & tiles and engineered wood parquet.

The inventor of laminate flooring

Pergo has designed durable flooring for more than 40 years. We know the importance of beautiful, practical flooring better than most, and over the years our range has evolved to include engineered wood parquet as well as vinyl planks and tiles.

Our story started with the invention of laminate flooring in 1977, and the first floors being produced in 1979. Innovation has been the driving force to keep us moving forward for more than 40 years. One recent example is the launch of Pergo Sensation and AquaSafe, that reset the parameters for what a laminate floor can look like, as well as the performance it offers: Easy installation and maintenance, true-to-nature design and water-resistance.

Flooring runs in the family

In 2012 Pergo joined forces with Unilin and became part of Mohawk Industries. Mohawk is the world's leading producer and distributor of quality commercial flooring, with a heritage of craftsmanship that spans more than 130 years.

As a part of Mohawk Industries and Unilin we have the reach and resources to take commercial projects from dreams to reality. The strength of our parent companies enables us to act as a reliable partner on a global scale, while always maintaining focus on the signature innovation, performance and durability that has built the Pergo brand.

Durability for the long run

At Pergo, durability goes hand in hand with sustainability. As a testament to our efforts, Pergo was the first flooring manufacturer ever to achieve the official Nordic Ecolabel, the Green Swan. Through our parent company Unilin, Pergo is also the first recipient of the European Ecolabel for laminate flooring along with other certificates and quality requirements.