Clerkenwell Design Week London


At 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday 22nd May, Pergo’s Head of Design & Development, Laurent Meersseman, together with designer Oke Nollet, will deliver a design talk focusing on the themes of Inspiration, Craftsmanship and Innovation.

Together they will explain the unique design process that takes place every time Pergo introduces a new product, from the initial spark of inspiration through to sourcing the original wood, along with the craftsmanship and design techniques that are required to create the perfect structure and colour balance for every product. They will also explain some of the exciting technical innovations that have been introduced to enable Pergo to create their unique collections.


For the duration of Clerkenwell Design Week only, the Pergo Visionbox will be accessed via the lower ground floor of the Domus Showroom. Visitors will be led through a small tunnel emerging into the Visionbox, where they can fully immerse themselves in the Pergo design process.

The Pergo Visionbox will provide visitors with a kinaesthetic design experience that has been designed to communicate the creativity and craftsmanship which form the basis of Pergo’s innovative, architectural flooring designs. Visitors will undergo a visual and auditory experience, demonstrating the deep-rooted design culture that exists at Pergo; a creative tradition combined with passionate designers which forms the basis of the Pergo story about design and durability within the creative and industrial interior design sector.

The Visionbox will show film footage of the design techniques alongside inspirational imagery. To demonstrate the innovative water resistance of the laminate floor, there will be water cascading inside the Visionbox, providing a constant flow of water onto its surface. In the area just outside the Visionbox there will be three main displays with mood boards and inspirational styling: ‘Urban Concrete’, ‘Outside Inside’ and ‘Pure Meets Glamour’. Each will demonstrate the designer’s vision of Pergo in these settings.


Domus Clerkenwell Design Week

50 Great Sutton Street, London EC1V 0DF