Earn LEED-points by installing Pergo commercial flooring

15 December 2014

LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is an environmental certification program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Building projects can receive LEED certification by complying with certain environmental conditions. The amount of points you earn in the various stages of your project will determine your project’s level of certification: certified, silver, gold or platinum.

Your choice of commercial flooring can help you achieve this certification. Installing Pergo laminate flooring can earn you up to 6 points because its use of recycled materials, PEFC certified wood, the small distance between production and project and low emission.

LEED-Points requirements

1. Recycled materials

The LEED program prescribes that the sum of recycled content constitutes at least 20% of material input.

Pergo laminate contains at least 30% of recycled material. This wil earn you 2 points.

2. Regional materials

10% to 20% of building materials or products should have been manufactured within 800 kms of the project site depending on the total value of the materials.

Pergo laminate floors are produced in Wielsbeke, Belgium. They are distributed throughout Europe from central, regional warehouses. Chances are small that your project site will exceed the limit of 800 km. This will earn you 2 points.

3. Use of certified wood

Use a minimum of 50% (based on cost) of wood based materials and products that are certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) principles and criteria, for wood building components.

The laminate floorings contain 70% PEFC certified wood. PEFC is similar to FSC. This will earn you 1 point.

4. Low emission levels

Projects outside the U.S. may use products tested and deemed compliant in accordance with either the CDPH standard method (2010) or the German AgBB Testing and Evaluation Scheme (2010).

All our laminate floors are certified by DiBt and carry the Ü-sign. This will earn you a final point.

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