NEW ranges luxurious rigid vinyl:

Pergo luxurious RIGID vinyl planks and tiles combine all top performances in one flooring solution: natural designs, extreme resistant to scratches, wear and impact and soft and silent to walk on. Thanks to the water tight click-system the surface is fully sealed and thus applicable even in wet areas such as e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, retail shops, fitness centers. The rigid composite core makes the planks and tiles the perfect all round solution for irregular subfloors: renovation projects. ‘PRO’ in the naming indicates all new ranges are available in usage class 33, suitable for heavy commercial use. Designed and manufactured in Belgium, Europe.


Pergo RIGID luxurious vinyl feature two glassfibre reinforced rigid layers to prevent the floor from telegraphing and cubbing what makes the flooring easy to install on irregular subfloors, a perfect solution for renovations without e.g. having to remove ceramic tiles.

The superior Titan V surface layer provides an extreme scratch, stain and wear resistance while having a trendy extra matt finishing for an authentic look. An flexible inner layer provides sound absorption, providing a soft, warm and comfortable feeling to walk on.


The unique click-system makes the planks and tiles easy to install and make the surface fully sealed, resistant to water and dirt.


At Pergo, we’re committed to reducing our ecological footprint and to helping our customers to reduce theirs. Sustainability is a top priority in each life cycle stage of the Pergo Vinyl floor. From purchasing and production to distribution, during lifetime to end-of-life of the floor, we continue to seek for more (energy) efficient processes and to minimize our impact on the environment.

3 new ranges - 32 new designs

Glomma Pro by Pergo


Long & wide rigid vinyl planks for clicked installation, even on an irregular subfloor - extra wear-resistant. Glomma pro is the choice that lets your house breathe. The planks are generously sized and make rooms look larger. Its textures and variations evoke nature, for a clean touch of authenticity.

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Namsen Pro by Pergo 


Standard-sized rigid vinyl planks for clicked installation, even on an irregular subfloor - extra wear-resistant. Namsen pro is a real pleaser and will fit any room. It’s the nature-like designs that sets this range apart. You can almost feel the wood grains and knots, can’t you?

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Viskan Pro by Pergo


Rectangular rigid vinyl tiles for clicked installation, even on an irregular subfloor - extra wear resistant. Viskan pro range is designed for stone lovers. The Rigid Vinyl tiles look like the real deal, but are in fact less fragile than, say, your favorite type of marble. And with Tile, you get the look without the cold feeling underfoot.

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