Pergo’s Wood Parquet vs Roller Derby

We installed 200m² of Svalbard Sublime Oak in Amsterdam and invited two roller derby teams to go ahead and challenge one another to a thrilling game on this Pergo surface. The two teams squared off on the Wood Parquet without mercy, submitting it to conditions of heavy use.

Pergo’s Wood Parquet put to the test

In roller derby, two teams of five members roller-skate counterclockwise around a track. In a series of short match-ups, each team designates one member – the jammer – to score points by lapping members of the opposing team. Both teams attempt to hinder the opposing jammer while assisting their own

Things can get pretty heated in roller derby: skaters reach speeds of up to 19 kilometers an hour and are not afraid of making physical contact. Also, their crowd of supporters tend to get completely absorbed in the game, spilling food and drinks everywhere. In short, roller derby offered the perfect conditions to see whether Pergo’s Wood Parquet floors could withstand the impact of high speed and shocks, as well as a crowd of excited fans.

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A definitive victory for Pergo

By challenging its Wood Parquet floor, Pergo wanted to put the remarkable durability of its flooring in the spotlight once again – with great success. Jasper De Jaeger, technical services manager at Pergo, submitted the tested surface to a thorough inspection after the game: “There were no signs of damage made by the roller blades.”

Durability and sustainability go hand-in-hand

Sustainability doesn’t just mean customers get to enjoy their floor longer; it also entails that the product is made with respect for the environment. “Unlike solid wood flooring, Pergo floors are made up of different layers. The top layer of each floor board is genuine hardwood, but the other ones are made from faster-growing types of wood, reducing any negative impact on nature,” Jasper De Jaeger continues. “Pergo Wood Parquet is only made of wood from sustainable harvested forests and is PEFC certified. Since all Pergo Wood flooring is also Nordic Swan Ecolabelled the consumers can contribute to a sustainable consumerism, a better climate, and ultimately a sustainable society,” Jasper De Jaeger concludes.