Water resistant floors

In making our floors, we always look for the everyday challenge. That’s why we recognise the need for all our floors to resist water, regardless of design or material. Whether it is by using waterproof materials like vinyl, inventing groundbreaking new technology to create water-resistant laminate flooring – or making our wood parquet floors moisture resistant and easy to clean. Because accidents will happen and when they do we want to make sure our floors are ready to resist them.

Water resistant laminate

The AquaSafe technology provides a sealed surface due to a water repellent coating that covers the entire board to prevent water from penetrating the laminate floor, even all the way down into the pressed bevels.

Pergo Vinyl on shower walls

Vinyl being waterproof is the ideal choice for wet areas: kitchens, fitness rooms, bathrooms and can even being glued on walls. A perfect solution for shower walls: easy to install as for renovation projects there is no need to remove tiles. Simply cover the tiles with water resistant glue and install the vinyl tiles.

Moisture resistant wooden Pergo floor

Untreated wood floors can be penetrated by dirt and water, causing permanent discolouring. Pergo one-strip lacquered wood floors, however, have StayClean protection that covers the entire facing of each plank.